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I just write.

In between life’s beginning and end, we discover a myriad succession of emotions, experiences, and encounters. May it be filled with objects, people, discoveries, or an amalgamation of anything possible. Life, in general, is a natural progression to degression — like a bell curve, you could say. Or a mathematical measurement of sorts. In between birth and death, there is only uncertainty. Those points of uncertainty within and beneath the curve are what we all know as life. As we discovered about time, we started measuring that uncertainty, to gain snippets of certainty as a result of our need to…

Kat is just like any other utopian world believers; they believe solely in the capabilities of the human species to be elevated and highly evolved creatures of our times. Her thoughts on the human brain were very interesting and captivating to ponder upon for days. She mentioned that someday in the future our brains will start thinking differently. Our bodily functions will soon unrecognizable in a thousand years’ time. Because thousands of years ago, humans did not think like those from the 21st century. Only with the evolution of biology, time, space, and interaction did we start adapting to the…


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